My friend told me the Boozefighters are an outlaw MC. Is that True?

Yes and No...... In 1947 the American Motorcycle Association declared that any motorcycle club not registered with the AMA would be classified as an "outlaw" MC. The BMFC has refused to register with the AMA thus making us "outlaws" by 1940's standards! But we are by no means "outlaws" by today's standards. AKA 1%ers. 

Are women allowed to become Boozefighters?

 No. However, wives and girlfriends of members are welcome to join the Boozettes, which is a wonderful support group for our club. Boozettes participate in all events and coordinate many of our great charity events.

Do Boozefighters claim territory?

No. The Boozefighters MC co-exist peacefully with other clubs in their area and have NO need to claim any specific territory.

Are Boozefighters accepting of ALL races for membership?

Absolutely! The BFMC is a very diverse group of men from all over this great country and now international as well. We welcome all hard-working, hard drinking, hard-riding, patriotic citizens to become members.

Since Boozefighters are NOT a 1% Club, will you allow all types of motorcyles in the club?

No. Boozefighters MC is a traditional Motorcycle Club and keeping with that tradition, we only support American or allied made motorcycles. No Japanese bikes of any kind or German bikes..... Harleys, Indians and Triumphs are always welcome.

The name "Boozefighters" confuse a lot of people. Are you guys a "sober" club that fights alcohol consumption?

NO!!! We are not a sober club! We defend the right to consume alcohol responsibly. The name Boozefighters was suggested by a bar patron at the All American club named Walt Porter. While our founding members were stumped trying to come up with a name for the new club, Walt suggested the name Boozefighters, because as Walt put it, "you guys are always fightin and boozin". Thus, the name stuck.

Will I be asked to commit a crime before being "patched" in?

 NO!!! The Boozefighters MC does not condone criminal activity from its members, nor will it be tolerated. We are a fun loving, hard-drinking, hard-working, blue collar motorcycle club. We love our families, work our asses off and pay our taxes. We just choose to do it half shit-faced and on an American Motorcycle!

 I saw some Boozefighters hanging out with a known "outlaw" motorcycle club at a Bike Night last week. Are you guys a support club for anyone?

The Boozefighters MC has never been a support club nor will it ever be. Because of our long history and our 65 years of tradition, we are well respected by most clubs who know the history of Motorcycle Clubs. So occasionally, you may see us talking to known "outlaw" MC types, but you will also see us talking with ANYONE who approaches us respectfully.